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PSHC has been serving older adults for over 26 years.  We work closely with you and your team to create a lasting impact on the care and services that are delivered to your residents. With a strong focus on evaluating, developing and supporting clinical systems, we provide lasting resident outcomes that result in high quality of care.

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Tailored Solutions - A Helping Hand

Are you seeking to enhance your facility’s services and quality of care? We offer tailored solutions to elevate your level of nursing care.

We understand the challenges and responsibilities faced by today’s senior services facilities in ensuring the well-being and satisfaction of residents. That’s why our team of experienced professionals specializes in helping to optimize your nursing care protocols, staff training, and resident experience, leading to improved overall facility performance.

At PSHC, we bring a wealth of knowledge in senior care best practices and regulations to assist senior services facilities like yours in delivering top-notch nursing care. Our expertise covers everything from staff evaluation, education and training to regulatory compliance, resident care planning, and quality assurance. By partnering with us, you can ensure that your facility maintains the highest standards of nursing care, and in turn, attracts and retains satisfied residents while also meeting regulatory requirements.
Let us be your trusted advisor in elevating your nursing care standards, ultimately contributing to the well-being of not only your residents and their families, but also your existing staff.