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PSHC has been serving older adults for over 26 years.  We work closely with you and your team to create a lasting impact on the care and services that are delivered to your residents, in each community. With a strong focus on evaluating, developing and supporting clinical systems, we provide lasting resident outcomes that result in high quality of care.

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Your Partner in Senior Health Care

Amy Peterson - RN/LALD/RAC-CT

Amy’s clinical knowledge and understanding of Skilled Nursing and Assisted Living rules and regulations gives her the upper hand in supporting your teams. She addresses your current structure to not only ensure compliance, but to unify your workflow to meet the needs of each individual resident. 

Amy’s ability to partner with your teams helps generate a thriving culture. This leads to common shared resident goals, producing a streamlined day-to-day workflow, which optimizes resident satisfaction. Her expertise and wide knowledge base will help your teams balance the need for compliance with finding the rewards of love, relationships, and discovering the enjoyment of caring for older adults.