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Healthcare Synergy

Peterson Senior Health Consulting was created for the purpose of supporting communities through meaningful work and partnership.  Dedication for making a difference, the desire to support care providers, and partner to deliver best practices that prove positive client outcomes.(

The Industry of Long-Term Care is ever changing as the patient population changes, regulations change, and staff demands evolve. I saw a need in the industry for a resource for facilities to reach out to when they need a little extra support. Whether it is filling an interim nursing position, being a sounding board for new ideas, or simply revamping current practices to be more efficient. I started Peterson Senior Health Care as a way of bringing tools and expertise to facilities to help better serve our seniors. 

For Professional References or other inquiries, please give a call or email me at  and I would be happy to answer any questions. 

Amy Peterson



Helping you serve our seniors, while providing a partnership in care.


Providing guidance in daily workflow to better serve staff and residents, while enhancing difference and quality that has a meaningful impact on our residents.