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Healthcare Synergy

At Peterson Senior Health Consulting, our mission is to cultivate supportive communities through purposeful work and collaborative partnerships. Our unwavering dedication lies in creating a positive impact, aiding care providers, and collectively implementing best practices to achieve favorable client outcomes.

The long-term care industry is ever-changing, influenced by shifts in patient demographics, regulatory reforms, and evolving staff needs. PSHC serves as a valuable resource for our clients, offering the additional support they require. Whether it involves filling interim nursing positions, facilitating innovative initiatives, or optimizing existing processes for increased efficiency, PSHC equips you with the essential tools and expertise needed to enhance the quality of life for seniors.

If you believe that our services can benefit your organization, please don’t hesitate to contact us via phone or email.

Amy Peterson



Help our clients serve our seniors, while providing a partnership in care.


Provide guidance in daily workflow to better serve staff and residents, while enhancing difference and quality that has a meaningful impact.


Amy Peterson - RN/LALD/RAC-CT

Founder / Nurse Consultant

Amy’s extensive clinical knowledge and her in-depth understanding of skilled nursing and assisted living rules and regulations provide her with a distinct advantage in supporting your teams. She evaluates your existing structure not only to ensure compliance but also to harmonize your workflow to cater to the unique needs of each resident.

Amy’s collaborative approach with your teams fosters a vibrant and cohesive culture. This, in turn, leads to shared resident goals, streamlining day-to-day operations, and ultimately enhancing resident satisfaction. Her expertise and broad knowledge base enable your teams to strike a balance between regulatory compliance and the gratification of cultivating love, relationships, and the joy of caring for older adults.

Bee Kang - RN/BSN

Nurse Consultant

Bee earned her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Metropolitan State University in the spring of 2020. Her nursing career began in Transitional Care and Long-term Care settings after graduation, but she found her true calling in Assisted Living and Memory Care at the end of 2021. Bee has since worked in various assisted living communities, accumulating a wealth of valuable experiences that have shaped her strong foundation of knowledge.

In her nursing journey, Bee has assumed diverse roles, including Interim Director of Health Services (DHS), Assistant Director of Health Services (ADHS), Nurse Consultant, and Support RN. Her primary objective is to enhance the living environment and community for our aging seniors.